"Only a thin lu­bri­cat­ing film guar­an­tees the operation of the engine, give it to chance to function properly"

DieselMax oil stop leak

DieselMax, engines oil stop leak and per­for­mance additive.

Regular use guar­an­tees maximum pro­tec­tion against wear and oil leaks, for all diesel engines.

  • Reduces wear and friction
  • Increase power
  • Reduces fuel cosumption
  • Reduces the need for maintenance
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Lowers the oil temperature
  • Increase engine life
  • Reduces oil leak

DieselMax has been specially developed for modern, heavy-duty diesel engines, an advanced blend of  PTFE and anti-wear , anti-friction and anti-corrosion agents.

DieselMax ensures first-class protection against wear in all conditions.

DieselMax improves the properties of the oil and is compatible of all diesel engine oils. DieselMax is suitable for use in all systems where the filter has filterability of 5 microns or more.

Regular use reduces wear on metal surfaces.

Mixing ratio: 1:32

Container sizes: 1 Liter and 10 Liters


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