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Bee Naturalles is an innovative Greek brand that provides natural/organic edible & skin care solutions, enclosing the beneficial & the healing intelligence of nature & the honey bee.
Our products are a mix of unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic beekeeping products, plant & herbal extracts, & essential oils produced with truly mild & respectful to nature techniques, designed to improve well-beeing.

Fast and reliable fuel and oil analyzes

Includes a complete report and follow up


Fuel Analysis

Microbial culture, particle and humidity analysis.

Modern diesel engines require special cleanlines of the fuel. The bio-proportion in the fuel binds water on its own and thus acts as a favorable growth mucus and algae in the fuel tank and over time cause malfunctions, clogging filters, and even engine failure. In addition, over time, various contaminants can enter the fuel tank, which degrade the quality of the fuel and cause e.g. extra wear on engine, seals, injectors and fuel pump.


Regular fuel testing detects contaminants and potential microbial growth in a timely manner. In this case, stabilizing the condition of the fuel is still easy and serious damage is avoided.

We perform laser analyzes and microbial culture on fuels ( diesel, fuel oils, aviation fuel).

Laser analysis (according to ISO 4406:1999) to determine size and number of particles in the fuel and the RH% (relative humidity) of the water. 

Microbial culture (according to the IP613 / 14 method) to detect possible microbial contamination of fuel ("diesel bacteria infection") and its severity.

You can order both tests or just one of them. 

If there are many objects to be analyzed, laser analysis can also be performed in the field, at the customer¬īs¬†premises.

Oil analysis

The biggest expense in machine main­te­nance is the breakdown of hydraulic com­po­nents.

Profitability depends only on a thin film of oil. Don¬īt risk compromising this protection.

The most  common causes of failure of hydraulic  and transmission components are oil contaminants, water content, and deterioration.

The analysis performed on the oil is an effective and inexpensive tool for proactive condition monitoring of equipment and prevention of unexpected machine downtime.

By comissioning oil analysis on a regular basis, considerable amounts of maintenance costs can be saved. The oil change interval can be maximized and unnecessary oil changes are completely eliminated. Premature oil aging is detected in a timely manner and there is no time for dirt to form in the system, which would cause malfunctions or breakages in the valves and pumps.

Working with oils for food fragrances

Particle and moisture analyzes

  • Size and number of particles in the sample according to ISO4406:1999 standards.¬†
  • Wear metal could be separated.¬†
  • Amount of water (moisture) present in the sample, expressed as RH%.

Microbial culture

  • Amount of microbial growth in the sample, cfu / L. According to method IP613 / 14.

A plain language report of the analyzes and any necessary measures are always sent by e-mail in pdf format.

How to order analysis:

Send your sample (at least 200ml) to address: Merina Ay / Lab, Ruoksmäentie 2, FI-24260 Salo, Finland.

Be sure to send the sample in a clean container and well packaged. Include the necessary billing and contact information.

Indicate wether it is fuel or oil and what the quality is.

Indicate which analyzes you want to perform on the sample:

  • Laser = particles and moisture, price = 32,00 euros¬†
  • Laser + metal separation, price =¬†62,00 euros
  • Microbial culture, price = 55,00 euros


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