GearMax oil stop leak and per­for­mance additive.

Perfect pro­tec­tion and per­for­mance for heavier gearboxes such as ships, trucks and in­dus­tri­al gearboxes.

GearMax contains e.g. PTFE and elastomers. GearMax offers maximum lubrication and wear protection on all flywheels and bearings. For all type gearboxes.

GearMax combines a balanced blend of PTFE with other pressure and corrosion inhibitors. GearMax is suitable  for use with all synchronized  and anti-skid differentials.

GearMax does not mix with oils that are glycol or vegetable oil based.

Do not use GearMax in gearboxes with pressure lubrication and filter.

Mixing rate: 1:8

Container sizes: 1 Liter and 10 Liters.


GearMax AUT

Automatic trans­mis­sion con­di­tion­er and sealing additive.

GearMax AUT is specifically designed for use in automatic transmissions on heavy machinery such as ships, trucks and industrial transmissions.

GearMax AUT contains very small PTFE particles that do not interfere with the operation of the switch.

GearMax AUT also contains a small amount of highly effective seal repair elastomer that greatly helps prevent oil leaks.

The oil used as the base for GearMax AUT is compatible with all automatic transmission oils.

Mixing rate: 1:33

Container sizes: 1 Liter and 10 Liters.


Benefits of GearMax and GearMax AUT:

  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Softer switching
  • Quieter running sound
  • Extends the life of parts
  • Reduces oil leaks
  • Better protection against extreme pressure
  • Lubrication and protection even during longer downtimes
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reduced operating temperature


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