Grotamar82 destroys microbes from fuel.

The most trusted biocide on the market.

For the destruction and prevention of microbial growth of diesel fuels in ships, trucks, industry etc... in all diesels. Grotamar82 also provides excellent corrosion protection and cleans the entire fuel system.

Mixing ratio: Preventive 1:4000

Destruction of microbes 1:400 - 1:1000

Before ordering, consult as on how bad the fuel  condition is. We have years of experience in destroying and preventing microbial growth on fuels.

Container sizes: 10 Liters, 200 Liters and 1000 Liters IBC container.


Benefits of Grotamar82:

  • An effective pesticide against microbes.
  • Corrosion protection for the entire fuel system.
  • Cleansing effect on the entire fuel system.

Experience has shown that regular use of Grotamar82 achieves e.g. the following benefits:

  • Fuel consumption has decreased.
  • Smoking has decreased.
  • The need for repair has decreased.
  • The engine runs smoother.
  • The need to replace the nozzles has decreased.


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