HydMax hy­draulics oil stop leak and per­for­mance

Reduced equipment break­downs and its thanks to fewer main­te­nance outages = more return.

Mixed in the event of an oil leak, it is often possible to continue operations without replacing the seals and the replacement of seals can be scheduled when a maintenance outage is planned.

The product is unique in itself in that it has an antimicrobial composition. This is not in any other hydraulic oil additive on the market.


HydMax is a hydraulic additive with a unique com­po­si­tion.

HydMax includes e.g. rich in PTFE, bentonite and a chemical composition that prevents the formation of mucus-producing microbes.


Benefits of HydMax

The best oil stop leak and con­di­tion­er product for hy­draulics.

  • Reduces wear on pumps.
  • Reduces wear on control system.
  • Softens systems operation.
  • Reduces leak.
  • Reduces corrosion.
  • Reduces wear on seals and valves.
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Lower the oil temperature.
  • Prevents the development of mucus caused by microbes.
  • Helps protect the environment from oil leaks.
  • Extend oil life.

Mixing ratio: As a coditioner and prevention 1:100 (1%).

Stop oil leakage 2-3:100 (2 - 3%).

Container Sizes: 1 Liter and 10 Liters.


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